Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Not gold, frankincense, and myrrh, exactly, but it will have to do

If you had told me a month ago, when my BPTFTY (Blog Posting Total For The Year) was 64, that someone or something would light a fire under me (metaphorically speaking) and that one month later I would be composing my 77th post of 2016, I would have told you that you had bats in your belfry, that you had resonance where your brains ought to be, that you were nuttier than a fruitcake, that you were wrong, wrong, wrong, kemosabe.

Yet here I am doing that very thing.

No explanation is sufficient, but in December I have been posting almost every other day. Will wonders never cease?

You may be saying to yourself or even shouting at your computer screen, what difference, at this point, does it make? (1:08)

Your objection is duly noted and is being referred to the Rules Committee for future consideration.

So, anyway, whatever the reason, I have become quite prolific blogwise as we approach the end of another trip around the Sun on planet Earth. Who knew?

Here are three pictures to give you a flavor of what December 2016 hereabouts has been like:

Our Front Door:

Our church during Advent, complete with Chrismon tree and interim pastor:

and last, but most definitely not least,

A North Georgia sunset during the final week of Christmas shopping:

and just think, there are still four days left!


  1. Lovely images.
    I hope you and Mrs RWP continue to find joy and wonder.

  2. All are pretty pictures. You made me look it up and I have posted 104 posts this year. I it will be after Friday. Of course I did cheat and published a couple of re-posts when my life was full of chaos. But wow! I always enjoy your posts so I hope you are as prolific or more next year.

  3. What is Mrs Brague adding to your sandwiches to increase your blogpost output? I cannot keep up but I am not complaining. I prefer a fertile, bounteous Mr Brague to the one that, in blogging terms at least, was becoming like a rusty old automobile running out of petroleum (i.e. gas).
    P.S. I loved the picture of the inviting Chez Brague front door with its "Welcome" mat.

  4. Terrific sunset photo. Blogging can be an in and out thing which is to be expected in my opinion. As Ecclesiastes puts it: There is a time to be quiet and a time to speak.

  5. And my posts have become fewer and fewer. C'est la vie.

  6. Wishing you a Happy New Year from An Arkie's Musings. I have enjoyed reading your blog this past year.

  7. Beautiful pictures rhymes. Wishing you, the lovely Mrs rhymes and the whole clan the best year possible to come X

  8. I have been derelict in replying to your comments. I repent in sackcloth and ashes. Thank you, one and all, for continuing to comment even when I seem to be ignoring you. I'm just slower than I used to be, sorry.