Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The fun continues, plus Karen Carpenter

In my last post (well, not my last post, I hope, but the one immediately preceding this one) I shared with you my latest creation, the song "Blue Christmas" rewritten in Anguish Languish. You can re-visit it here if you like. There are probably hundreds of you scurrying to do that right now. I'll wait.

Today, the fun continues with my new latest creation, another song of the season rewritten in Anguish Languish. This one, by the songwriting team of Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, was first sung by Judy Garland to Margaret O'Brien in the 1944 movie Meet Me In Saint Louis (I am not making this up), but my favorite version is this one by Karen Carpenter (3:57). It's really worth listening to, and expresses my wish for each and every reader of this blog.

Here's my own version:

Hob yo shelf armory ladle Chrimma,
Lecher art bee lied,
Firm meow awn
Art rubble swill bee outer cite

Hob Joseph a marry ladle Chrimma,
Bake do you'll tied guy,
Firm meow awn
Art rubble swill beam isles a why.

Ear wee ah raisin newel din daze,
Harpy ghoul din daze sub your.
Face gulf rends hoar deer two wuss
Gaza ne'er two wuss one s'more.

Trudy ears
Wee awl web beat to Gaza,
Heifer fade shall ow
Hangers hiney stirrup ponder eye-esque pow,
An dab Joseph Amharic ladle Chrimma meow.

Unintentionally, the second stanza seems to have taken on a decidedly ANZAC accent.

Perhaps I shall stop now.

Then again, perhaps not.


  1. Sew ab yores elf am airy ladle Chrimman ow. (My head hurts.)

  2. Cowling hock you pants ova hinter plan it hairy Kraft...

  3. I prefer Karen Carpenter's version to the mangled Lewis Carroll-type version. Karen Carpenter's voice melts me, like a slab of cold butter accidentally placed on a hot oven plate.

  4. I didn't mean to ignore any commenters. Life just seemed to get in the way recently.

    Emma, very nice! I recommend acetaminopen for such occasions.

    Shooting Parrots (Ian), come again? Calling occupants of an interplanetary craft? Is that what you said? I'm not sure....

    Yorkshire Pudding, I have read no better simile in years!