Sunday, October 29, 2017

The choice is up to you

In the next few minutes would you rather explore such interesting topics as:

1. Novaya Zemlya effect

2. Euler's number

3. Lemniscate of Bernoulli

4. Occam's (or Ockham's) razor


Look at my beautiful granddaughter during her school's homecoming activities:

I thought so.

Here's one last photo that shows her with her dad (our oldest son), her mom (a beauty in her own right), and her big brother (who came home all the way from his university in North Carolina just to surprise her).


  1. What an honor for your granddaughter. She is part of a lovely family. I certainly chose her as the subject although I am partial to Occam's razor.

  2. Love your pride in and love for your beautiful family.

  3. The choice would be hers. I'm older than her dad but much better looking.
    What a cracker who would have thunk it.

  4. Your granddaughter is certainly a lovely and natural beauty... but what on earth is a "homecoming"? We don't have such things in schools or universities in England but gradually - drawn from American films - we have adopted the idea of graduation balls in our secondary schools.

  5. You have such a beautiful family rhymes, it's always so heartwarming to see photos of them all smiling away, you are radiant with pride in them and so you should be.

    (Been having problems leaving comments again, I hope this one finally gets through) x

  6. Thanks to all of you for commenting. I apologize for the delay in responding. Most of my blog viewing of late has been on a mobile phone, and for some unknown reason I am no longer able to comment on anyone's blog (including my own) from my mobile phone. I have to wait until I am back on my desktop computer at home, which has not occurred lately because of the combination of a busy life with a bit of travel thrown in for good measure. Needless to say (I hope), each an every one of you is a treasure.

    For Pudding, a "homecoming" is a school reunion usually held annually in conjunction with a fall football game against an opponent especially selected for being easily beatable to heighten the fun. There are parades and class floats and halftime ceremonies and sometimes even a king and queen. Homecomings vary from place to place but is a tradition at high schools and universities throughout the nation.