Sunday, April 18, 2021

On the eighteenth of April in seventy-five,

...hardly a man is now alive,
who remembers that famous day and year.

Truer words were never spoken, because the year under consideration is not 1975 or even 1875.

The year under consideration is 1775. The man who could remember that famous day and year would now be equally famous for being the oldest person alive today.

I'm just saying.

Do you know who wrote the poem?

Do you know the title of the poem?

Do you know in which U.S. state the action described in the title occurred? (This is sort of a trick question.)

No fair looking things up.


  1. Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Logfellow.

    Did not look it up.

  2. smitty1e, very good as far as you went, but since you answered only two of the three questions your score is 66.67% or a D where I went to school. A D is better than an F but it is still a failing grade.

  3. I can still recite most of the poem. I learned it for an assembly at school.

    1. Emma, the whole poem or just the more familiar parts? I am impressed if you memorized the entire poem!

    2. Emma, the whole poem or just the more familiar parts? I am impressed if you memorized the entire poem!

    3. I memorized the whole poem but I don't remember all of it anymore. I was only a little girl at the time.

  4. I remember Paul Revere's ride, but sadly couldn't remember who wrote it. Didn't Revere start off in Boston Massachusetts and travel the countryside?

    I watched 1917 last night, and it was much better than I expected since I don't usually like war movies. Those poor young men.
    I hope we don't see another war in our lifetime.

  5. Kathy, yes, it was “The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere” which was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (not Logfellow as smitty1e said above). And although it did happen in Massachusetts, if your answer to my third question is Massachusetts, that is not a correct answer. I said it was a trick question, sort of. Can you figure out what I meant?


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