Friday, December 3, 2021

This is a red-letter day

...and I will explain why later. Before we get to that, however, I found a couple of articles I thought you might find interesting

From Joe Schaeffer at the World Tribune, Meet the elites openly celebrating infanticide as they demand you jab up for *the common good*

From Kevin Williamson at the National Review, It's Okay To Wonder About Biden's Mental State

Both of the articles are thought-provoking. You may agree or disagree with what the writers are putting out there, that's not the point. The point is these are things that people in a free society can (and often do) say but there are many people who would like to shut them up permanently, to 'cancel' them because they disagree with them.

So whether you agree or disagree with the things the writers of the articles had to say, I hope you recognize their right to say them, to express themselves in public.

Now the reason for the red letters today. I began this blog on September 28, 2007. By my count that was 5,184 days ago. Today, with 28 days still left in this Year Of Our Lord 2021, this is my 2,021st post! As my mother often used to say, "What a cosinsaquance!"

Such apparently random conjunctions can have cosmic significance. I'm not saying mine does, but there was one once around 2,021 years ago that resulted in wise men bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

My math also tells me that 2,021 posts in 5,184 days works out to a post every 2.56 days, on average.

Pretty good for an old geezer.

I hesitate to ask you to celebrate my 2,021st post with me so soon after we celebrated Palindromic Date Day yesterday, but some things just can't be helped.


  1. I read both articles. Both raise questions you might find in a psychology class.
    My opinion on the killing of a 'defective' baby is that the baby is alive and able to survive with perhaps a little assistance. To take that life is murder. Not being a lawyer, I can't quote law but I believe the laws agree with me.
    To question the mental state of a president is acceptable. It is also acceptable to question the physical and emotional state of a president. These should be evaluated by competent and unbiased specialists. The results should be released in terms we can understand. They should be pertinent to the ability to govern. For instance I do not need to know his sperm count or whether she still menstruates. And I want it to be the doctor's report not some outlandish statement dictated by the subject.

  2. Congratulations sir. I'll raise my breakfast glass of pomegranate juice to you.
    I don't think Biden's cognitive ability needs a report. Poor old duffer can barely string two words together.

  3. Congratulations for being pretty good for an old geezer. I'd rate you rather higher but there we are.

    The articles were both very interesting in their own way. I had intended to speed read them but in fact they both caught me attention. There's one helluvalot in the first one. The second is pretty typical of politicians and many other people. Both could be debated at great length but, suffice to say, we'd not alter anything.


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