Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things you learn after a baptism

At a get-together for family and friends after my grandson's baptism a couple of weeks ago, I met Phil H., who works where my son works. Phil mentioned that he felt he already knew me and my family because he has been reading my blog for several months. I was unaware of this fact because he has never left a comment. That sort of person is called a “lurker,” which has no negative connotations; it just means a person who doesn’t leave a comment. As proof that Phil has read my blog, he asked Mrs. RWP about her new knees during the course of the get-together.

When I said that I thought I probably had only a few readers since I receive only a few comments, he said, “You might be surprised how many people are reading your blog. Why don’t you add a live traffic feed and find out!”

I had never considered doing this, but after thinking about it for a few days I added a live traffic feed about a week ago. It displays the last ten visitors; as a new visitor arrives, the oldest one is dropped from the list. I have been absolutely amazed to learn that in addition to people from several states in the U.S., my blog has been visited in the past week by people from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, India, Turkey, even three or four people from China.

[Update: In the couple of days since I wrote the preceding sentence, this blog has also had visitors from Australia and South Korea. Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. I understand that President-elect Obama was personally leaning toward selecting me as his new Secretary of State, but Senator What's-Her-Name's people have somehow managed to convince his people that she would be the better choice. Although I am truly disappointed, I remain gracious even in defeat. And humble, of course. And speaking of being humble, my new book, Humility And How I Attained It, will be available soon at your local bookstores. --RWP, 11/22/2008]

Having a live traffic feed has been a real eye-opener for me. Now if more of you lurkers would just comment....

I was going to end this post by saying, “Here’s to the Internet!” and include a photograph of people toasting with champagne, but all of the ones I found cost money. I now reveal another fact about myself: I am nothing if not frugal.


  1. Depending upon how the circuits are routed (I'm on a telephone-based Internet service), the Live Traffic Feed may show that I am coming from towns anywhere from 40 to 100 miles from this location. According to the feed info. right now, I am standing in the chilly breeze 10 miles north of my cozy office. I arrived on your Internet site just after New Delhi, India! You've got international readership, RWP!

    May you continue to be surprised at your expanding readership.

  2. According to my counter I get over 100 visits a day only ten or less l;eave comments. Sometimes people like something but just don't know what to say.

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  4. I am definitely not a "lurker" but I like the word. I think we should create new terms for other types of bloggers and internet users.
    blogger who hardly ever blogs - A CONSTIP
    very prolific blogger - A DIARR
    blogger who writes really long posts - A STRETCHER
    a blogger who leaves very short posts - A SHRINKER
    blogger who always leaves positive, complimentary remarks even when these are not justified - A LICKER
    an unintelligent blogger - A BUSH or maybe AN AUSTRALIAN

  5. Also if you go to the bottom of that feed and click "Watch in real time" it will show you the days worth I believe. On that page there is a spot at the top that says "remove you ip address". If you click that it will take out your visits and you can see more detail about others. It is fun isn't it? See you are a popular sort of guy.

  6. Yes, I think it was a good idea to add the traffic counter to your blog. It is great fun to peruse the list of visitors to one's blog.....and, yes, the majority of readers do not leave comments.

  7. I'm out of breath....running around to blogs. Just wanted to say: There's an award for you over at my blog.

  8. Way cool! How do you put one on? (It's not precisely accurate; I don't live in Cape Coral, for instance. But close enough - the State is right anyhow!) Sometimes someone will leave a comment indicating they've been reading my blog for awhile, and I never knew. (I was pulling for you to be Secretary of State, by the way, instead of what's her name!)

  9. Ok, I figured it out. Quite easy, really, and pretty cool! Now I just wait for the flood of visitors worldwide...

  10. Hey there, Superior Scribbler.....hope you had a great time in Tampa!

  11. All of your comments are always greatly appreciated!

    Pat - An Arkansas Stamper, more surprising than finding New Delhi, India, in my list of readers is finding out that you are anywhere from 40 to 100 miles from yourself. Can you say schizophrenia?

    Dr.John (or as you used to be called, dr.john), I haven't installed a counter yet. Regarding your new handle, we can no longer consider you to be shiftless.

    Yorkshire Pudding, how are things in jolly old England today? I laughed at your names for other types of bloggers and internet users. I suppose the only thing worse than a CONSTIP is a DIARR.

    Egghead (Vonda), thanks for the tip about removing the notification of arrival at your own blog! I did that posthaste.

    Jeannelle, I was catching up on my reading upon returning from our trip to Tampa and found my award on your blog before reading about it here! Thanks! I will post about it next.

    Rosezilla (Tracie), we have just returned from four days in Tampa. Practically within spitting distance of you. I will not be appointed Secretary of State, alas, but I am still hoping to be named Secretary of the Department of Redundancy Department.

  12. That is a much more prestigious appointment I'm sure! Now I gotta go remove myself from my feed dealie.

  13. I admit I'm something of a "lurker"; so I just wanted to leave you a comment. The last time we spoke I believe I said,"you needed to go stir your latte?" So I thought I'd let you know I enjoy reading your blog and am thinking of becoming a "plague follower" hope that's ok with you?(Teresa)

  14. Thanks, Teresa (oregontribal1) for making yourself known! Egghead (Vonda) also lives in Oregon.