Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hyde Park, Mon Amour?

The lovely home in the preceding post was the residence of this happy couple:

Here they are in another location with some friends who dropped in for a visit. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the gentleman resplendent in white in the center of the picture is.

Without straining your eyes to read the photo caption, can you identify the husband and wife who are serving as bookends or hazard a guess as to what year the photo was taken?

When I said the mystery home was “very close to a place that has been in the news lately” I was referring to the Hudson River, not the Gaza Strip as one person guessed, but he is more to be pitied than censured as he makes his home in Utah. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Home and Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York, is indeed quite near the Hudson River, about 75 miles north of where a passenger on a ferry bound from Manhattan for New Jersey snapped this photo with his mobile phone a few few days ago:

(Photo by Janis Krums of Sarasota, Florida)


  1. They are royal highnesses.

    Hey.....where is "give me a minute and it will come to me"?

  2. I think the guy in white is holding the President up.

  3. And the wife in question lived to be more than 100.

  4. The Quenn "Mum" and Edward.

    What a sweet lady!

    The "guy in white" is holding him up since he could not stand on his own.

  5. So June 8, 1939 was the date. I know that only because of my super x-ray vision and maybe a click of the mouse on the photo to enlarge it.

  6. I like these little historical games and I hope all of you do, too.

    Jeannelle - Indeed they are, but what are their names?

    Dr. John - That thought had occurred to me as well.

    Ruth - You're good! And you make the game more interesting!

    Reamus (Michael) - The woman was the current queen's "Mum" but the man is not named Edward.

    Egghead (Vonda) - You must be Superwoman!

    EVERYONE!!!The couple are King George VI of England (formerly known as Prince Albert, the Duke of York) and Elizabeth, his Queen (formerly known as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon), the parents of the current queen, Elizabeth II, and the photo was indeed taken in 1939.

  7. Hello Henry!
    I am honoured to receive the mystery objects award in spite of being utterly wrong! May I, with further audacity, suggest that you FedEx the prize to me as this will prove a lot less expensive in terms of both time and money than flying to Georgia to pick it up. Send to:-
    Sir Yorkshire Pudding,
    Pudding Towers,
    ZIP CODE? - We don't have one, we have a BUTTON CODE instead! Gentlemen must ensure they are buttoned up before leaving the lavatory (men's room).