Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thoughts on a Thursday

As of this morning, the little flag thingy over there in the sidebar indicates that people from 59 countries have visited this blog since the flag-thingy was installed back in December. That is downright amazing. Needless to say, I am pleased. Welcome to you all!

Two of the countries in the thingy’s list do not exist. They are figments of someone’s imagination. One is called “Unknown - European Union” and the other is called “Unknown - Asia/Pacific Region.” Very curious.

It pains me that on the map of the world in the Feedjit Live Traffic Map thingy there are no red dots in Greenland, Antarctica, or Africa (a few have appeared in Africa from time to time, but have “aged off” the map). And it pains me even more that New Zealand does not even appear on the Feedjit Live Traffic Map. I have had visitors from New Zealand (hi, Katherine!), but the Feedjit Live Traffic Map people apparently consider that country so inconsequential that it hasn’t even been given the courtesy of a spot on the map. Even Madagascar gets that. Katherine, a thousand pardons.

Spring has already sprung in north Georgia even though the vernal equinox is still a week and a half away. The jonquils, forsythia, Bradford pears, cherries, and tulip trees are all blossoming and blooming away. But it isn’t really considered spring around here until the azaleas and the dogwoods and the redbuds make their annual appearance. We’re still waiting for those.

Michael Vick, late of the Atlanta Falcons football team, was released from the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, a couple of days ago. His home in Atlanta went on the auction block in Atlanta this week. Twenty thousand square feet. Starting price of $3.2 million dollars, with additional bids to be in increments of at least $25,000 -- there were no takers. None.

Because I was raised in Texas (although I am not a native), things with a Texas connection tend to catch my eye. This week, conservative columnist Pat Buchanan wrote a column entitled “Lyndon Baines Obama” that you can read here. (Note. My link is to Mr. Buchanan’s own blog and not to Human Events, where it is also published, because my readers might have been forced to see photos of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Ann Coulter above the headline of Mr. Buchanan's column at Human Events, and I don't want to upset anyone or offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities. But some of you might want to sneak over there and read some of the comments that follow Mr. Buchanan’s column.)

There is method in my madness. A few minutes with the madding crowd and you should be happy, even relieved, to come here and partake of my good old non-political blog.


  1. Thanks for the line to Mr. Buchanan's article. This is hardly applicable, I know, but thankfully, most of the projects I have going on are out of sight....otherwise, people around me would smirk and point and say, "That will never work out, what is wrong with you, you idiot....that's a stupid idea."

    My husband finally changed the radio channel in the barn....even he is tired of hearing the lambastations of Mr. Obama's detractors.

    Time will tell on everything. Mr. Obama may be right or he may be wrong. Mr. Buchanan et al may be right or they may be wrong. Ditto for ALL of us.

    I wonder if that gal from New Zealand might have clicked "ignore my browser"......

  2. ha, you claim to have a non political have polotics interwoven in your every [JUST LIKE JEANNELLLE SAYS, by the way that is anteresting name jeanelle} well back to my rampaging comment...i have changed my radio station in my barn also and put my head under a pillow to get away from distractions...oh and my home is int the bell tower on my and the birds

  3. So is Putz a farmer? I may have to visit his blog to find out. Rhymsie, I hope you are not mad at me for what I wrote in my comment. Say something!!

  4. Jeannelle - No, I am not "mad" at you! Certainly not! I didn't blog last night and I was out and about earlier today having my car's tires rotated. That's all. What you say is true. Time will tell.

    If you visit Putz's blog, let me know how that goes....

    Putz - I never know what you are trying to say or what really motivates you, but we have a heckuva lot of fun, don't we??
    And I'm not surprised to learn that you live in a bell tower either; you and Quasimodo have a lot in common. Your comment probably makes even less sense to someone who hasn't read your blog; I have enough trouble making sense of it and I HAVE read your blog.

    I hope I don't have politics interwoven in my every sentence.

  5. I went to Putz's blog and found he had an 8-Ball widget in his sidebar so I asked it if Putz is a farmer. The answer was "Outlook good". I was impressed with the "about me" in his profile. And, that post about his experience at the table in Las Vegas was quite interesting. I might get hooked, you never know.

  6. It is still winter here. I do not like winter. I want blooming trees.
    You get viewers from more places than I do.
    Now you have to give us a "here" with a liberal slant or be exposed as a conservative.

  7. Georgia must be beautiful right now. Love the vines on the trees, magnolias and red dirt you have.

  8. Strange -- New Zealand shows up on my Feedjit Traffic Map.
    I dare not comment on any of the political aspects of your blog...too many fragile sensibilities out there. But it doesn't take a genius to know where I'm coming from.