Friday, March 5, 2021

Essay of the week/month/year

There is a very interesting opinion essay by Bari Weiss in the March issue of The Deseret News that I hope every one of you will read. Ms. Weiss is a former editor for The New York Times, but don't let that throw you. She has also been an editor at The Wall Street Journal.

Here's the link:

The self-silencing majority

Now that we've heard Ms. Weiss's opinion (which probably solidified her decision to leave The New York Times), share with us (but only if you want to) your opinion in the comments section.


  1. I am a centrist. I always have been. I always will be. I'm too old to change even if I believed that I aught to do so. I started reading the article and was hooked. I even read some of referred to articles perhaps, for example, because I didn't understand a reference or concept. It was, for me, a superb article and one to which I will return time and again. I would be impossible to widen it but it has one shortcoming (I am arrogant enough to say) and that is that it concentrates only of the illiberality of the left. I agree with almost everything she has said but I would like to see someone write the same article about the illiberality of the right. Perhaps the same article Mutatis Mutandis.

  2. I find it so disturbing that people aren't free to express honest feelings without censure. If my thoughts don't hurt anyone I should be able to give them voice. I have had some great discussions with people I don't necessarily agree with. As long as the discussion is civil we can better understand each other. Maybe one or both of us will change a bit.


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