Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Will wonders never cease?

Recent Jeopardy! stumpers include:

What is fondant?
What is Bewitched?
What is Bonanza?
What are the New York Mets?
What is the Atomic Energy Commission?

I'm baaaack (much sooner than I expected to be)!

One of my eyes has been successfully repaired, and it makes a world of difference. I see bright colors now instead of drab shades of grey. Most importantly, I can read text on the computer screen easily again after fearing it was going to fade away altogether. It's like being reborn. The difference is amazing.

My second eye is scheduled to be repaired on July 29th, but until then I can cope. I can do just fine. I just can't drive.

I do not have a third eye.

Not that I'm aware of.

Can you tell I'm downright giddy? You would be too if you had experienced the sudden improvement in vision that I just did on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

I will still have to be fitted for glasses for distance vision. Of the two types of lenses that could have been inserted, I chose to be able to read books, music, newspapers, hymnbooks, etc., without glasses instead of being able to see afar off. I have worn glasses since I was seven years old (except for the 40 years I wore contact lenses between 18 and 58, when I got corneal abrasions and had to stop wearing contact lenses) and it won't be a big deal to still wear glasses when I need to drive a car. I'm driving less and less these days, but I intend to be reading and doing computer work and playing music for some time yet.

This whole transitional period will take two or three months (surgically remove cataract from right eye, post-op exams, surgically remove cataract from left eye, post-op exams, being examined for new prescription for eyeglasses, waiting for new eyeglasses to be made) but I'm ecstatic.

All systems (well, some of them) are GO, and I thank you for your interest!

My dad used to say, "I see," said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw.

I know how that blind man felt.


  1. Congratulations on your new-found sight. It really has been a revelation. No wonder you're giddy.

    1. I get giddier with each passing day. Thank you, Janice.

  2. You sound so pleased. Wonderful. I'm glad you are having your eyes fixed.

    1. Pleased isn't the half of it. I'm sure I will calm down eventually, but for now I'm soaring. Thank you, Emma.

  3. Wonderful. I wish mine could be fixed so easily, but it's neurological, not physical.

    1. I dreaded the prospect of having eye surgery for a very long time but I am glad now that I went ahead with it. One eye done and one remaining. It would be even more wonderful if a waycold be found to correctt your eyes too. Thank you, Tasker.

  4. I was very pleased to read about your sight improvement.

    To me New York Mets must be people who follow that wonderful institution The NY Metropolitan Opera. I suspect, though, that it's a baseball or basketball team.

    1. If you lived in America I wouldn't believe you and might even accuse you of "willful ignorance". However, since I don't know the names of any UK teams, I find it charming that you thought of the NY Metropolitan Opera. For the record, the New York Mets are a baseball team. Thank you, Graham.


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