Monday, December 1, 2008

A solution and a self-directed ramble

If you tried the Books of the Bible search in my November 28th post, the solution is shown below. Whether you did or didn’t [try the Books of the Bible search], you are invited to go on a different sort of ramble by clicking, in no particular order, on the green links.

Puzzle Solution (with detours)

In these remarks are hidden the names of twenty-four books of the Bible. Yes, there are some that are easy to spot; others are harder to judge. So we admit it usually results in lamentations when we can’t find them. This test is a lulu -- kept me looking so hard for the facts that I missed the revelation.

I was in a jam, especially since not all of the names are capitalized and space separates some of the letters. The truth will come to numbers of you, but to others it will be a real job. To all it will be
a most fascinating search. We offer some hints. It helps if you are
in a humming mood. One lady said she brews coffee while she puzzles over it. Another tries to hose a part of her lawn. (She may try to josh u a little, too.) My friend Joe looks for a hero -- man’s best friend, but he has a pet ermine, not a dog. (He also keeps alms under a door mat. The weird ideas some have.) If you find all twenty-four in an hour, you’re a real pro. Verbs are not as helpful as nouns. Begin by reviewing the books of the Bible; then happy hunting!

Here endeth the reading and the solving of the Hidden Books of the Bible Puzzle. Thanks be to God.


  1. Those are some "detours" you put in here. I was expecting biblical references. What do I find? Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Babe Ruth! Too clever, Mr. RWP!

  2. I have to admit I only got 13 of those but didn't spend much time doing this because of all going on at my house. But it was fun.